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GotChaDigi News & Updates for 2016 News Websites & Campaigns 2015-2016

Wanted to update you on some of our recent activities here at GotChaDigi.  We’ve been engaged in some exciting stuff in 2015 and now in 2016.


CMM New Website 18-Jan-2016
Re-Launch of New Website & Branding Campaign


LAS CRUCES, New Mexico, January 18, 2016:  We are proud to announce the re-launch

of the Coach Marvin Menzies website – Head Basketball Coach at New Mexico State University

H2BLD – House 2 House Breakfast Lunch & Dinner 


New Website & Shared Ecomony Business


H2BLD (House 2 House Breakfast Lunch and Dinner) — “AirBnB for Foodies” is how

we describe it…