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Responsive Web Designs are keys today

Responsive web design is an approach suggesting that any design or development should have the flexibility of responding to a user’s experience and the environment, on the basis of screen size, orientation and platform. In other words, it is a philosophy focusing on creation of websites that offer people an enhanced viewing experience, no matter the electronic gadget that they are using.

Responsive web design draws its roots from flexible layouts and grids, images and a brilliant application of CSS media questions. This is very essential, especially if the user is shifting gadgets, starting from the laptop to the ipad. Responsive web design ensures that the website switches automatically, to accommodate the changing resolution, scripting abilities and image size. Websites built using this technology, therefore, have the capacity to respond automatically to the preferences of the user. Consequently, this alleviates the need to develop a new website design for every electronic gadget that appears in the market.

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