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Social MediaServices

Social Media Services

In today’s world of information overload, to raise above the din a company must devote limited resources (time, money, effort) in the most efficient manner.  By evaluating priorities and developing a comprehensive approach that capitalizes on existing advertising and public relations efforts, GotChaDigi helps companies develop social media strategies that create synergy with traditional marketing methods.

  • Our formula is simple; we combine consultative strategy, exceptionally creative ideas, and innovative technology solutions to deliver measurable results for our clients. Our end goal is to ensure our client’s brand engages with their customers and builds a sustainable meaningful relationship.
  • Social media is an important source of traffic for many sites.  For some, it can generate more traffic than traditional search results.  Social media integration and optimization is therefore very important for any website owner.  We provide a range of packages and customized services to meet your social media marketing needs.
  • Fresh and Flowing social media online presence. We are a reputable, successful, full service digital marketing agency. We consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients – and our philosophy digital market branding (e.g. inbound marketing) infiltrates everything we do.

Got content? GotChaDigi helps our clients communicate interesting and effective messages that support their branding and keeps their businesses top-of-mind.

Our social media content curation program includes:

  • Development of a content strategy that supports branding.
  • Shares content on behalf of clients across the broad spectrum of social media platforms.
  • Procures outside sources to create interesting perspectives and thought-provoking posts.
  • Uses images and videos when appropriate to increase and maintain visibility.
  • Injects non-offensive humor and light-hearted posts when appropriate.
  • Coordinates externally-generated messages that reflect clients’ personal voice.
  • Involves network partners using their influence to increase our clients’ visibility.

Social media is the way to have an open and honest conversation with your customers. By sharing information that is important to you and avoiding topics that are not, you are allowing others to learn about your brand and provide feedback that is critical to improving your products and services. When conversations happen within networks that you control, it is easy to address any misunderstandings or calls to action. However, as your stature grows in social media, conversations about your brand may take place without your knowledge. GotChaDigi offers a monitoring service that tracks mentions of your brand across networks. We provide you with the knowledge that saves your reputation and your revenue stream!

Digital Event Management is designed to help you get immediate results to the appropriate demographic audience and provide you with analytic data to help implement a successful event.  GotChaDigi helps you Organize, Promote, Engage and add Value to your event, with the following services:

  • Promotional Events
  • Fundraising
  • Entertainment
  • Meet & Greet
  • Real-time communications that can help you address those who will and will not attend the event.  By collecting information on RSVPs by integrating the sign up with social media and enables pre and post event follow-up by email.
  • Promoting online your presence when people are searching for the event, so listing on search engines is key as well as encouraging social media sharing.
  • By creating an online buzz before and during the event, through sharing videos, photos and running competitions via Twitter and Facebook, and encouraging attendees to check-in at key locations using Foursquare or Facebook.
  • Allows for integrated and distribution of creative multimedia content to a targeted audience and tracking of activity and response.
  • Instant global impact on your activities, teams, and results
  • Co-Branded Promotional Opportunities
  • Maximize the ROI of your event
  • Continuing the buzz post the event will help with future promotion, so still encourage social media sharing via videos, photos, and recommendations. Encourage feedback too

Email marketing is an effective and cost friendly way to stay in contact with your customers. Your customers are checking their emails just about every day; most actually check multiple times per day. Implementing an email marketing strategy and a plan is one of the tools to reach and maintain the connection with your customers (old and new), but there is more to it than that. It is a way to build connections and improve your bottom line, sales, and ROI.

You can use email marketing to alert customers to sales, promotions, and company news or as a means of offering valuable content and re-engaging past customers.

  • Campaign Training services
  • Quick Start
    • We will:
    • Set up your account
    • Upload your contact list
    • Design your email with one of our product templates to include your logo, and match your company colors
  • Campaign Creation
    • We will:
    • Modify one of our product templates to include your logo and match company colors
    • Upload and format the content you provide (text and images)
    • Upload contacts
    • Schedule and send, with your approval
  • Template Creation
    • We’ll work with you to:
    • Create two template design proofs for you to review. You will select your favorite and we will make changes based on your feedback.
    • Program the final design into an easy-to-use email template that looks good in popular email software programs.
    • Upload the template to your account, available to you only.
  • List Consolidation, Cleanup & Maintenance

We provide Social Media Optimization (SMO) along side of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to increase awareness of products, brands and events by using a number of tools, analytics, social media outlets and organic communities to generate viral publicity for your online presence.